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This summer we spent a lot of time on the road visiting family. While in Ohio we decided to do a little craft for Grandma with our “6 pack”. All we needed was flower pots, grout (we bought a box of powder and mixed it ourselves), and baubles of any kind.

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We raided Grandmas potting shed and found all sorts of fun items to use.

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She even had a basket of old keys that the girls put on their creations.  Grandma and Grandpa’s house is the best for finding all sorts of cool treasures!

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First off if you are making more than 1 put your name on it! It is very hard to remember whose is whose otherwise. We allowed the older girls (6+) to apply their own grout but the 4 year olds needed some help with this.

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You want to apply the grout in sections so it doesn’t get too hard. If that happens mist it with some water and it should come back. The girls all had small piles of buttons, keys, and gems in front of them but needed more.  MORE sparkle is always better right?

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Our grout was fairly thin. Experiment a little but don’t add too much water in the beginning because you can add but can’t take away. Have enough on the pot to smash your buttons and they will stick.

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Everyone had a great time doing this messy but super fun craft. Grandma who is an avid gardener has original pots to fill with her beautiful flowers next summer from her “6 pack”. I personally have done this before and the pot lasted almost 10 years before it started cracking. That was it setting outdoors but taken in every winter. If you wanted you could get a spray sealant for the grout but I haven’t in the past.

The fun wasn’t just had in the creating though.  Who knew these silly girls would have as much fun cleaning up?

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This isn’t just a craft for little ones, although they are able to do it very well.  I would love to get a group of girls together, maybe open some wine, sit around the table, and create an inexpensive craft like this to display on my patio.  If you do make one post a link to the pic here, I would love to see it!


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