The sweetest things in my life, including Diet Coke!


*I received Diet Coke products as part of this campaign.

I mentioned in a previous post about how I love to take my Diet Coke breaks each day, and I also talked about how much I look forward to my first sip of an ice-cold Diet Coke.
Some of the sweetest things in my life:

My children…need I say more?

My husband – he is the most loving, caring man in the world and his ultimate goal always is to just make me happy. That happens to be my goal as well – to make him smile and feel loved daily.

My kitties, or my fur-babies as I like to refer to them.  They make me smile daily, and are always good for a hug when I’m feeling low.


and our two latest additions:


Music is something that makes my life just a little sweeter as well. Music can bring on a whole range of emotions – some sad and some happy. Depending on my mood, I can count on music to help me through the rough times or motivate me when I need a little push.

music,diet coke

And last, but certainly not least is Diet Coke.  I love Diet Coke because it is sweet without calories or guilt, since it contains aspartame. It is refreshing and a high point of each day for me.

A little information about aspartame:

Aspartame is enjoyed by millions in low-calorie products, like yogurt, chewing gum and soft drinks. In fact, it has been extensively tested for safety by the World Health Organization, US Food and Drug Administration and the European Food Safety Agency. While the safety and benefits of ingredients like aspartame are supported by more than 200 studies spanning 40 years, The Coca-Cola Company understands that people may still have questions. They are making it a priority to address these questions and provide information and education to reinforce aspartame is an ingredient people can feel good about.

Check out this handy aspartame infographic if you’d like to learn more!
What are the sweetest things in your life?

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