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Good Cooking 5-piece ceramic knife set

good cooking ceramic knife set
I love to cook, especially since we moved last year and our new kitchen is gigantic. I need to have room to move around, and lots of counter space for preparing, assembling, etc.

Every good chef knows that life is much easier in the kitchen when you have the right tools. Every kitchen needs several very good knives. I have my favorites, of course, but now I have a new favorite type of knife.

good cooking ceramic knife set with stand
The Good Cooking 5-piece Ceramic Knife Set that I received to review has become one of my kitchen favorites. The set has a great assortment with knives of varying sizes. I was skeptical about ceramic knives initially, but after using them several times, I quickly learned how well they work. I actually prefer them to my stainless knives.

What I love about these Good Cooking ceramic knives

~I can use them for months or years before they will need sharpening.
~They are 100% hygenic, which means that they prevent the growth of bacteria
~They are stain and rust proof
~Dishwasher safe

Yes, all of the above and so much more. When I have to do a lot of chopping, I do appreciate lightweight knives. When clean-up time arrives, I love that I can stick them in the dishwasher and forget it. No hand washing necessary!

good cooking ceramic knife

The other night we were having sauteed zucchini for dinner, and I wish I could explain how effortlessly the Good Cooking Ceramic knives sliced through each zucchini. I was able to make gorgeous even slices, and even paper thin slices, with ease.

Good cooking ceramic knife set
Finally, one other thing I adore about these knives is that they look nice. I can proudly display them on my countertop and they don’t take up much room at all. It is easy to grab whichever knife I need quickly, to get the job done faster.

In my opinion, this Good Cooking Ceramic Knife Set is essential for every kitchen. If you would like a set of your own, you can purchase them from online retailers, as well as from for around for $29.95. I am seriously surprised by the great price on these – they are worth every penny and more! The set is available in Black or Red.

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  1. Tammera Campbell on

    These are the most awesome knives. We used them in preparing Thanksgiving dinner. I was so impressed I’m going to purchase some.

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