Tile Mate & Tile Slim – a holiday gift for those “losers”


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Are you like me and constantly losing your stuff? Do you know someone who always loses theirs? Unfortunately I think that most of us fall into this category. It is incredibly frustrating when I know I JUST put my phone down somewhere and then cannot find it for the life of me. The same goes for keys. Several times a week I have to ask my husband to call my phone so I can find it. The problem a lot of the time is that I have the sound turned off – usually after I have been playing a game in a place where I need to be quiet. Then what?

Well one solution is Tile Mate, or its skinnier mate, Tile Slim.

tile mate & slim combo pack
These products are genius! Simple yet absolutely genius.

Tile combo pack
Tile Mate
This is just a little square with a hole, so it can attach to keys, backpack purse, luggage and anything else you absolutely don’t want to lose!  What I love is that you can also keep track of your child’s favorite toys (ever seen the mayhem that ensues when you – or your child, loses their favorite stuffed animal? It can even be used on diaper bags, lunchbox and other important items.

There is a really neat story about a man who lost his bike and found it, thanks to Tile!

The Tile Mate is only $25, which is a great price (especially for anything that keeps me from losing my mind!). If you are missing your phone, for instance, you only need to press the button on the tile you are holding and it will make your phone ring – even when the sound is off! 

tile app for keys
There is another Tile option for smaller items:

Tile Slim
This can quickly and easily help you find things such as a lost wallet. How does it help? Well, the Tile Slim is the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker, which makes it perfect for helping you quickly and easily find your lost wallet.
Not only can Tile Slim ring your phone (comes with four preset ringtones to choose from), but it can also be seen on a map.

Tile Slim can be found by Tile’s worldwide community and the largest lost and found network on the planet. How neat is that? The Tile Slim retails for $30, and is the perfect gift for men, as it fits perfectly into wallets. It is also the ideal gift for travel enthusiasts because fits nicely in luggage and passport holders!  It would also be a fun stocking stuffer for one (or more) of the men in your life.

You can purchase Tile Mate & Tile Slim from Amazon, Lowes, Best Buy, Target, Apple as well as other retailers. If you order from the Tile App website and are an eBates customer, you can earn 5% cash back!

If you are tired of losing your mind, and your stuff, I think you will be very happy with the Tile Mate and/or Tile Slim. Either of these would make an excellent holiday present for your forgetful friends and family!

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  1. (Tile Mate & Tile Slim – a holiday gift for those “losers”) They sure have some great gadgets now days that can help you with just about everything. This would be great for my daughter who looses everything all the time.

  2. In my house we literally go through a “check” each morning. Do you have this or that… This device is an excellent idea. For the price and thin lightweight size this is a great deal to keep your sanity.

  3. I need one to attach to my husband’s head. He would lose it if it were possible. I think these things are genius!

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