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We all have certain things that really, really bug us, and sometimes it just feels good to let it all out! I asked Facebook fans what their biggest pet peeves were and I was surprised by how many responded.  Of course, I had to share my own with you too!

pet peeves


1.  People that are vague.  Sometimes they are SO vague that I don’t know how to reply back because I have no idea WTH they are talking about.  This is especially true on Facebook – it’s called “vaguebooking”.  They want you to ask more, and after enough people ask, they will finally tell you what the real issue is several comments later.  Why not just say that in the first place, in your original status?
2. Doctors offices.  They set up an appointment for you, say at 8:00 a.m.  You write it down on all of your calendars, put it in your phone, etc. and think all is well.  They call to confirm (automated) the night before, and the time says 8:30 a.m.  I cannot tell you the amount of times this has happened.

3. Automated messages from my daughter’s high school. Though I appreciate them keeping us informed on important information, or safety info, they are going overboard in calling the house for every little thing. “There’s a play at school this week”.  “Don’t forget this…” “Don’t forget that…”.  I already get their emails, and I’m pretty darned good about putting this information on my calendar, in my phone, etc.  OH. And then after they call, they send another email to tell you that they called.  You can click on a button and play the message.  My phone is ringing off the hook constantly and it really screws up my train of thought.  I certainly need more emails to go through too.

4.  All the major drugstore chains put their pharmacies in the back of the store.  I can tell you that when I am hurting, and need to pick up medication, the last thing I want to do is meander through a store.  Sure, they want people to load up their carts on the way, but people who are really sick and have no choice but  to pick up their own prescriptions shouldn’t be forced to walk to the back.

5.  When I order a small “something” (whether it be a fountain drink, or anything else).  The cashier says to me, “We don’t have small – only medium and large”.  Well call me stupid, but you can’t have a medium size if there are only two sizes! That would be small and large then!  This annoys me to no end, and happens constantly.

6.  Phone menus when I make a call to customer service, a doctor’s office or any other place.  It’s always a relief to get through a menu, but then my happiness quickly fades to disappointment when there is another menu. And another. OH! And then one of the automated parts wants you to enter your account number on the keypad.  Then someone finally answers (like 15 menus later), and asks for my account number.  Why on earth did you ask for it earlier then?  Most of the time, I just use this tactic to bypass phone menus.  Plus it just makes me laugh.


Cell phones:

  • People who talk on their cell phones when checking out at the store ~ Joy W.
  • People who talk on the phone while driving. They don’t pay attention! ~ Ashleigh G.


  • People who allow their children to have dirty faces! You know, like boogers hanging down their face! ~ Stephanie Summer
  • People who approach and touch, pat, grab my baby. Yep, he’s adorable, keep your hands off of my child! Why would anyone think it is okay to grab, hold, touch a stranger’s child, especially without even asking? ~ Jayme H.
  • People who leave their yard sale signs up way past the sale. I can’t tell you how many times I have driven a mile out of my way to go to a sale and it isn’t there. – Laura L.
  • Parents who put leashes on their children. ~ Debbie Brown
  • People who constantly judge and criticize other parents. ~ Cat D.
  • Parents who let their children run rampant when out and about. I don’t by any means think my child is perfect and never acts out in public, but when he does I correct him or remove him from the situation. Being in public does not excuse you from being a parent and I should not have to parent your child because you refuse to. Another thing that really annoys me is parents who post pictures of their child incorrectly buckled into their carseats. I sometimes think maybe instead of taking a picture they should take the time to properly buckle the child into their carseat instead. ~ Nicole Person


  • I hate it when you are pulling out of a parking space and the person driving down the aisle doesn’t stop for you, but barrels by as you slam on the brakes and narrowly miss t-boning them…wouldn’t it be nice if they actually stopped and waited while you pulled out of your space? ~ Gina L.
  • Drivers deciding the green light isn’t the right shade of green to go ~ Anon.
  • People that don’t use their turn signals. ~ Anon.

shopping cart

  • People who don’t put their shopping carts away. I don’t even drive and seeing shopping carts in parking spots get on my nerves ~ Chantale D.
  • ~Replies to the above pet peeve:
  • *I am guilty of this. I have a toddler and always try to park RIGHT NEXT to the shopping cart thing, but if it is far away I cant leave him in the car to put it away either. Publix is the worst at having only one and sometimes its not feasible.
  • *When my son was younger, he went with me to return the cart. He rode in it and when we got to the cart return, I took him out and carried him or held his hand back to the car. I also HATE when people leave them out in the lot. I’ve had dents and scratches on my car from shopping carts and it is infuriating. I don’t think having a young child is an excuse not to put it away.


  • When people make a word plural by adding an apostrophe. Come to think of it, most of my pet peeves are related to grammar and punctuation. (The your/you’re and there/their/they’re issues are a very close second.) ~ Anji M.

grammar errors, there,their

  • Grammatical errors. Your for you’re, warranty for guaranty, and on and on and on. ~ Amy R.
  • When a person refers to himself in the the third person. Wouldn’t it drive you crazy if I walked around saying “Jennifer needs you to come here.” No that would drive you absolutely insane. ~ Jennifer M.

Annoying People:

  • It annoys the heck out of me when people constantly sniff their nose. Blow that thing! ~ Sarah Rainwater
  • People who always need attention and need to be the center of attention ~ Jaime-ann S.
  • People who leave their house knowing they, or their kids, are sick & contagious (going to the Dr. & pharmacy excluded). It infuriates me! ~ Sonya Morris
  • People who post statuses about everything they did all day, saying sorry I wasn’t on, but I did this that and everything. I DON’T need to know your life history. I realize you have a life beyond here and the posts that say going to bed. lol. Do I call up my neighbors and say this? OK, off soapbox. ~ Mya M.
  • People who are too lazy to get dressed wearing their jammies to the store and pretending that they’re lounge pants. ~ Carla T.
  • Skinny people that say they’re fat. ~ Kayleen C.
  • People who don’t say thank you when you hold the door for them or say bless you when you sneeze! ~ Tina B.
  • Not putting the toilet seat down. Putting the empty cereal box or milk jug back in the fridge or cupboard. Using the last bit of water in the Keurig and not refilling it. Adding me to your newsletter without asking me (or your Facebook group). People who complain ALL the time. ~ Lisa S.
  • When my husband drops his wallet and crumbled up receipts on the kitchen counter. Put them in the trash, man! ~ Aleksandra N.

Everything else:

  • Clothes on the banister of the bed ~ Trisha H.
  • The little cardboard inserts in magazines! ~ Nancy K.
  • I have many, but can’t stand adults that don’t pick up dog poop and allow their dog to poop in my yard. ~ Nichol H.
  • Spaces on forms that are so short I can’t fill out my answer on the line. Drives me insane! ~ Nichol H.
  • Food and smears all over the handle of my microwave and fridge handle! It drives me INSANE! ~ Kim D.
  • A dirty microwave! AND folding socks only to come to the end of the load and not have matches! ~ Doreen M.

Do any of these bother you too? What are your top pet peeves?


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  1. Most are very good valid pet peeves. I didn’t know the proper term for vaguebooking till just now but that drives me crazy too. I’m not trying to solve a mystery; just come out with it already.

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