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The holidays can be a very stressful time of year for many folks, especially in this economy where folks are struggling day to day. They are left wondering how they will buy holiday gifts for friends and family. Even if these same people don’t plan on spending a large amount, it is nice to know there is help out there if they need it.

The H&R Block Emerald Advance line of credit can help these same people during the holidays, and even year round!

Getting a regular loan is not only a hassle, but it is very time-consuming. I am all for less stress, and more fun during the holiday season (and always, really!), so it is good to know that with H&R Block’s Emerald Advance® line of credit, you might be able to receive up to $1,000 without a bunch of hoopla that other loans require.

Emerald Advance,H & R Block,line of credit

With Emerald Advance:

  • Applying is easy! All you need is an unexpired government-issued photo ID as well as your most recent pay stub (no W2 form required!)

  • You do not already have to be an H&R Block client to apply

  • The Emerald Advance is a line of credit, which means you can draw from as you need it.

  • It can be used year-round for emergencies, unexpected expenses and other short-term credit needs.

The application process will be starting on November 25th this year, so what that means for you is that the line of credit could be available in time for the holidays!

Of course, there is so much more than just gift buying during the holidays. If you travel to visit friends or relatives, host a big holiday party, or have other plans, you just might benefit from the Emerald Advance line of credit. I know for me, it would be a huge relief to have that money available year-round, in case of emergency. If I don’t need it, I don’t have to use it! I always fear that something will break around the house, that HAS to be fixed, and there will be no money to cover it. That is scary stuff!

If I had an Emerald Advance, there are several things I would like to do, including buying new holiday decorations. My husband and I have been married for over 17 years, and when we first bought our house, we bought plenty of decorations. I really haven’t replaced many of them, so they are old and quite frankly, pretty ugly.

I would also like to get my husband something really special this year for Christmas. He works so hard for us, but rarely buys himself anything. I have several ideas for gifts that would make him swoon (including the PS4!), and it would do my heart good to give to him for a chance.

There are a few things that have helped me with saving money and budgeting over the holidays:

One of my favorite things to do each year is save up change all year long. We put our spare change in an old empty water bottle (it is huge!). Each November or so, I dump the money into bags and take the bags to a Coinstar machine. In the past you could only get cash for the coins, but now there is the option to get gift cards. It kind of feels like I am getting them for free!

Another thing that has helped me is buying gifts ahead of time when I can.  It is SO nice to buy holiday gifts throughout the year.  When something strikes my fancy, I buy it right away, instead of telling myself that I can always purchase it closer to the holidays.  By doing this, I don’t feel so financially burdened during November and December and it definitely takes a bit of pressure away near the holidays!

What would you do with an H & R Block Emerald Advance line of credit?

Make sure you go to the H & R Block website to learn more about the Emerald Advance line of credit, or to make an appointment. Also, don’t forget to follow #HRBlockEA to follow the discussion and learn what others are saying!

H & R Block,Emerald Advance,line of credit


One (1) winner will receive a $300 Gift Card which can be used most places (like a Visa, Amex, etc.).

Open to US only. Giveaway ends 11/30.

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*H&R Block has asked me to help promote the Emerald Advance Line of Credit, and I will be receiving a gift card as a thank you. The prize will be provided and may be shipped to the winner by H&R Block, but all opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of H&R Block. Open to US residents 18 years and older. Winner to be chosen at random.


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  1. It would help me because I wouldn’t have to think too much about what I’m spending on gifts for my family this year.

  2. I learned from their website that if approved, I would be eligible to maintain my line of credit year-round so I can be prepared if the unexpected occurs.

  3. A holiday budgeting tip is to take advantage of sales, like on Black Friday, and make a list of gifts you want to buy and stick to it. That way you won’t over-spend.

  4. Pauline Milner on

    I try to pay for all of my gifts with cash. Actually, I do put them on a credit card to get the rewards but I immediately pay it off. It would be nice to have some extra credit available in case I want to buy a higher priced item or if I suddenly need cash and do not have it readily available. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  5. Pauline Milner on

    I learned that your account is also accessible through the Emerald Card Mobile Banking App. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  6. Pauline Milner on

    In a notebook, make a list of all your gift recipients. Assign a dollar amount to each recipient. Add your gift ideas for each recipient. Take the notebook with you when you go Holiday shopping and be sure to consult it before you buy in order to stay on budget. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  7. This would help so much with the cost of my meals since I will be doing so much cooking this season.

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  8. It would take away some stress knowing that I would be able to purchase the gifts that I want to purchase my family for Christmas

  9. I am sure this would help me stretch our food budget so we could afford a few special meals,like the turkey we can’t afford for Thanksgiving. but;…I must admit, I’m worried about the interest rate payments, in the long run, I could end up paying $400 back, or more (that’s how loaners make their money). I think I’ll pass.

  10. My biggest Holiday tip- swallow your pride and attend the free church dinners for the holidays- you’ll meet some nice folks and the food is generally very good.

  11. on the H&R block site: You can choose to receive your refund proceeds, minus tax preparation and processing fees, on an H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard®110, via a physical check or deposited to an existing account.

  12. For holiday meals, check with your guests to plan the menu. Everyone might be surprised at what’s already in your pantry and freezer.

  13. I learned that the H&R Block Emerald advance Line of Credit loads to a Mastercard so it’s convenient and you can use it as you need it.

  14. A H&R Block Line of credit would help me so much during the Holidays because it would keep me in budget and help me get more presents for others this Holiday season!

  15. My budgeting tip: decide how much money you want to spend, then make your list of gift recipients plus a column for “extras” like decor, food, etc. Divide up your designated dollars however you want ($50 for your parents, $10 for your dog walker, etc.) and then stick to that number when shopping.

  16. At the H&R website I learned that I can get a year round line of Credit that I can borrow on during the year up to $1,000 dollars to help me with unexpected expenses! I did not even know that this was offered. Sounds like a great deal!

  17. Christine Mayfield on

    It would help me to buy groceries for my family and maybe a few toys for their birthdays which are right around Christmas.

  18. Christine Mayfield on

    My budgeting tip is to not be afraid to shop garage sales or local facebook sales sites to find gifts. You can find brand new stuff for a fraction of what it costs at the store.

  19. A good budgeting tip is to put money aside all year long so you do not have to go in debt over the Holidays. And to look for Christmas Items during the year when it is on sale or marked down. I have saved so much money during the year buying gifts on sale.

  20. I think it would help me feel less stressed about where the money is going to come from. I always budget for each family member and since I shop throughout the year it feels more manageable but this would be a way to make sure everyone gets what they want.

  21. i learned the If approved, you are eligible to maintain your line of credit year-round127. Be prepared when the unexpected occurs.

  22. My granddaughter was born on Christmas Eve – so the gift-giving doubles for her (not to mention the party) so I would be nice not to have to worry about those expenses.

  23. I try and buy gifts in advance. I buy teachers gift cards in October, and try and spread out other gifts that I know I will be purchasing throughout the months

  24. Colleen Boudreau on

    I learned that you have the ability to pay down the balance on the Emerald Advance with a portion of your tax refund, if you so choose.

  25. I scour all the websites around this time of year to find the best prices on the things I want to buy.
    I take advantage of free shipping offers and I use sites like Retail Me Not and Ebates.

  26. My holiday shopping tip is shop the sales don’t just go shopping on a whim! Check the ads and chances are someone will have what youre looking for on sale!

  27. Holiday budgeting tip: wait ’til the Monday after Thanksgiving (AKA Cyber Monday) for online deals all over the place. Don’t worry about the hassle of fighting crowds in stores.

  28. It would help with all my Christmas shopping this year. I wouldn’t have to worry about where the money was coming from or using a credit card with a high interest rate.

  29. I tend to over-extend myself during the holidays (don’t we all?) and I over-buy, when it comes to presents as well as holiday food…and then it’s such a struggle to pay bills. This would be a great help! However, it would probably also help to stick to a budget and STOP over-buying!!

  30. Michael Mayhew on

    It would be great to have some extra money on hand in case I see a gift I would like to get on sale and don’t really have the money on hand to get it.

  31. it would help because its just a line of credit that can draw as you need it so if i came up short this holiday season it would really be helpful

  32. It would help knowing that we have something to fall back on instead of using the paycheck and end up being tight for our basic needs.

  33. I think if I was making a major purchase I might consider one, but right now I’m still in school and learning about managing finances so the kinds of things scare me a little bit to be honest

  34. This year we are hosting & throwing a holiday party at the assisted living center for 32 seniors. Having this would certainly decrease my stress level of trying to get all of the money in order, the supplies purchased and the place decorated. Like you…I am all about LESS STRESS during the season

  35. Elizabeth Fitzmaurice on

    It would totally help me with my Christmas shopping this year. Not have to count every penny while I’m shopping ~ just shop away (within reason).

  36. This Emerald Advance will help my family in times of need when money is tight and you don’t know when the next meal is coming but you have to ensure that the children have something to eat.

  37. We would be able to work on our car without worrying if we could afford Christmas at all. Who knew an older car cost so much??

  38. Kelly Nicholson on

    Tell me in a comment how an Emerald Advance line of credit would help you during the holidays!

    tis the debt time of the year..duuuh…thanks

  39. Kelly Nicholson on

    Leave a holiday budgeting tip in the comments section below!

    cut yer credit cards now..make your gifts..its the way it should be anyway

  40. This year we have not only gifts to spend on for the Holidays, but a new baby on the way so every dollar we have is important this year. 🙂

  41. The Emerald Advance line of credit would mean less money charged to my credit card during the holiday season. That would be awesome.

  42. Barbara Butler on

    I learned that your account is also accessible through the Emerald Card Mobile
    and I try to get stuff on sale for Christmas thru out the year….

  43. well, it would help me get a few nice gifts for the family but also keep us warm by providing us with some oil for the tank since it gets darn cold here in Maine during the winter months!

  44. The Emerald Advance would relieve a lot of stress when it comes to taking care of travel expenses and not worrying about breaking the bank before the new year hits!

  45. My tip is to make a list and set a budge for each person. I do this every August 1st and I start shopping at that time. I don’t wait for black friday deals or last minute shopping and I am usually done by Dec. 1 and almost always stay under my budget

  46. It would help me buy Christmas gifts. Money has been really tight this year due to a surgery and an ER visit I had, I don’t want my kids to go without.

  47. Shop around for the best deal. Don’t always go for the first deal you find, most of the time you will find a better one. 🙂

  48. I would use it to get a gift for my husband. Many years ago, we stopped giving one another individual gifts for holidays and special occasions – instead, we buy something bigger that we both want or need (like a TV or new computer). But, hubby deserves a gift that is all his own to thank him for being such a great husband AND dad.

  49. Between mine and my husbands 3 children, and my 2 step children, we could use any extra money possible! This would help SO much

  50. My holiday budget tip is to use coupons and shop throughout the year. That way your budget won’t be blown during the holiday months.

  51. It would help us a lot because I have our son’s and husband’s birthdays along with Christmas in Dec. We also have to get Christmas presents for his family (4) and mine (7). Even if we only spend $25 per person it still ends up being $250 and that isn’t including us!

  52. Since you can maintain a line of credit throughout the year, I could buy items I find good deals on all year and not take a huge hit in December.

  53. I learned that you can use part of your tax refund to pay down on the balance of the loan and that they have a mobile app where you can access your account.

  54. Theresa Jenkins on

    once the bank approved the Emerald Advance , year-round line of credit , and I would need financial help. I could repeatedly borrow and repay up to $1000

  55. H&R Block’s Emerald Advance line of credit would be great right about now because I would have a vehicle that was running. I need two coil packs and tires so I can get my car fixed and inspected and no money to buy them right now. I haven’t even thought about Christmas yet. According to your post you have to have a current pay stub and the reason I can’t pay for what I need right now is I’m not working. I am expecting to get an income tax return on money from earlier when I did have income. I’m not sure I would be eligible for the H&R Block’s Emerald Advance line of credit but I’m sure going to check into it. Thanks so much for choosing to do this review and letting us all know about it and for having this giveaway.

  56. Theresa Jenkins on

    budget tip is to make a budget and what I do to pay for that budget I open a Christmas club and pay a little at a time

  57. The line of credit would be helpful when purchasing higher ticket items like a new dishwasher which I am shopping for right now. I usually pay cash for smaller priced items I purchase every day or for gifts.

  58. A holiday budgeting tip is to decide in advance how much money you want to spend on each person and don’t go over it no matter how tempting it may be. Give yourself bonus points for finding a gift in the allotted price range but that you end up paying much less for because of a good deal/sale at the time. Also, shop year round for holiday gifts – if you seem something on sale in June for a family member that they will love, buy it and save it until the holidays. One less gift to need to buy.

  59. it will help my family with food and gifts.november and december get real hard on single parents. i wrk a full time job. i hve 2 kids. just payings bills and buying gifts u hve to choose. so the loan will really benefit us.

  60. An Emerald Advance line of credit would help us stock up on canned goods and other non-perishables in case my husband’s job slows down and he can’t work full time. 🙂

  61. I learned that you have the ability to pay down the balance on the Emerald Advance with a portion of your tax refund 🙂

  62. My budgeting tips, make a detailed gift list, research deals and prices online before you shop and stick to your list 🙂

  63. Never spend money you don’t have on Christmas. Save for the holidays and if times are tough, then make do with what you do have. Overspending and using credit will only make things worse

  64. This would be something helpful if one were having trouble paying bills and buying gifts for Christmas. For me personally, it would help buy items for my business at the end of the year so that I could deduct those items on my taxes for that year.

  65. I learned they have a section on managing your health. You can compare health plans and get help with enrollment for 2014.

  66. It would be so much help buying for our 2 grandsons and the rest of the family….I want them to have a wonderful Christmas!

  67. It would help to load the balance of what you are planning on spending on the card and when it was gone, you are done shopping. That would make you stick to your budget!

  68. A great way to keep within your budget is to shop sales, coupons and discounts and combine as many as you can. It takes time, but will save money.

  69. December is a hard month for us. We already struggle, and then there is Christmas, and it is also the time of year our huge insurance bill is due. Emerald Advance would help immensely by giving us a little relief during the holiday season. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  70. Well, with the holidays coming up, I was recently hit with the news that, for some reason, my daughter’s college tuition is behind and her account is on hold – this in spite of the fact that she is studying abroad in Japan this year at a school which is LESS expensive than her school here, where all of her financial aid (scholarship, loans, grants, etc.) still apply AND the fact that the remaining tuition is on a tuition payment plan that comes to more than $600 a month. 🙁 .. so I have to come up with $2000 dollars extra this half right at the holidays in order to make certain she can register for her classes in January. I would use the line of credit to buy any Christmas presents that I still needed after her tuition was paid.

  71. Earning cash rewards with the H&R Block Emerald Prepaid MasterCard during my holiday shopping would be very helpful!

  72. Sticking to your holiday budget is easy when you take out cash in the amount that you budgeted to spend and only use that cash when shopping.

  73. A line of credit would be nice to help out this holiday season, but I am not interested in applying for anything just want to win the $300 gc.

  74. Holly Storm-Burge on

    I learned that you can load funds drawn from your line of credit to your H&R Block Emerald card for easy access.

  75. The card would help me stay within my budget by only allowing me to spend what is on it rather than adding to my credit card or using my debit card.

  76. My holiday budget tip is to make your list after Christmas that way you can shop throughout the year. Keep note of what everyone liked and didn’t like, and keep updating tastes and sizes.

  77. It would be nice to have the line of credit available in case something goes wrong with my car. I’m always worried about large car expenses!

  78. It would definitely help with buying Christmas gifts and help with the cost of traveling…gas prices have shot through the roof again! And we’ll be driving from Florida to Michigan, so it would also help with motel accommodations on the way there and back again! It would just take some of the financial pressure off that would keep us from having the kind of celebration we’d like to. Nothing extravagant, but enjoyable being able to be with those we love.

  79. I learned, and think it’s awesome, that I can pay down my balance on the advance using some of my tax refund if I want!

  80. My holiday tip is to be sure and do your research and compare prices on items at several different stores! For example, I found a toy last night that my niece wants. At the maker’s online store, it was $65. Well, I found it elsewhere on sale for $29. with shipping included! It can be time consuming, but well worth it to take some time in order to save money.

  81. You have the Ability to pay down the balance on the Emerald Advance with a portion of your tax refund, if you so choose

  82. richelle bowers on

    my tip is to try to buy thru out the year. so you’re not shorting yourself of time or money at the last minute

  83. holiday budgeting tip: go light on the gifts. It’s more about the time and love than the gifts exchanged. This year I’m painting/crafting some canvases for wall decor and making jars filled with candy. So fun.

  84. Something I learned: Load funds drawn from your line of credit to your H&R Block Emerald Prepaid MasterCard for easy access.

  85. I have to host two large dinners – one on Christmas Eve with about 28 people and one on Christmas Day with about 23 people. This would be a huge help with food and groceries.

  86. It would be nice to have a line of credit to help with the endless amounts of peripheral items every digital gift seems to need.

  87. My budgeting tip is to think about making homemade gifts…people understand & gifts from the heart are def more precious.

  88. I learned that you can pay your loan with cash, Emerald Card or checking account. You can even pay down the balance on the Emerald Advance with a portion of your tax refund.

  89. I discovered that The Emerald Advance® is a year-round line of credit that provides the ability to repeatedly borrow and repay up to $1000.

  90. It would help me track my spending better. I set a loose budget, but I often end up exceeding it just because I’m not keeping close enough track.

  91. I learned that there is a $45 fee to get established with a line of credit. It might be worth it for the flexibility and peace of mind for some people, though.

  92. Start early and try to include some homemade gifts in the mix if you are at all crafty. I usually supplement purchased gifts with handmade ones. It saves money and it really personalizes your gift.

  93. My holiday budgeting tip…. USE your bank’s Christmas fund savings plan! Then, use that money only for your holidays, don’t use any credit cards!!

  94. A line of credit would help me through the holidays because I would be able to buy some presents now and pay it over time.

  95. This would help buy some gifts for my kids for Christmas, which would be so helpful being I don’t really have any money to spend. Thank you!

  96. It would help me purchase last minute gifts for unexpected guests and have some extra gas in the van for traveling. Thanks for the chance!

  97. Ellen Anderson on

    If I was ever really low on cash and didn’t want to use my credit card for rewards for some reason this would be helpful 🙂

  98. Kathleen Marie Smith on

    It would give me peace of mind all year around in case of emergencies and not having enough money for food, gas, etc.

  99. Kathleen Marie Smith on

    I think that preparing for the holidays all year long is a great budgeting tip, starting with after Holiday sales and either buying gifts on sale or needed items each month or putting money into savings for the Holdiay items.

  100. molli vandehey on

    i am in a legal battle i expect to win, so having a line of credit through holidatys would be awesome, as i expect things to loosen up in spring!

  101. An advance line of credit would help me during the holidays because it would ensure “santa” would come for my boys.

  102. Oh man I’m all about buying gifts on credit cards and then kicking myself when it comes to trying to pay those bills off in January. This would be a great way to stay on budget and know exactly what I have left to spend!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  103. Those unexpected pop up bills as I call them.
    Norton expires–80 bucks
    Your po box expires 22 bucks
    You need to take a cab 38 miles one way—oh boy!!

  104. It would help me be able to afford more gifts. December is always a very expensive month for some reason (not just presents, but appts and everything else seem to fall during this month) so the less I have to pay up front the better.

  105. My budgeting tip is to save as much as possible in one category so you can spend in another. For example, if I use coupons or rebates for one item then I usually can splurge on another.

  106. im broke right now- so my paycheck goes to bills and not presents. i could sure use some extra money for presents right now

  107. I learned that: H&R Block Emerald Cash Rewards® are loaded instantly on your Emerald Card for making everyday purchases and new reward offers are sent every week.

  108. From the H&R Block Emerald Advance site, I learned that if approved, you are eligible to maintain your line of credit year-round127. Be prepared when the unexpected occurs.

  109. Sarah Marshall on

    My holiday budgeting tip is don’t spend money you don’t have! It’s a shame that so many people go in debt and spend the whole next year paying off Christmas only to start all over again. Presents are not indicative of someone’s love for another, and it’s heartbreaking that our society has brainwashed people so much that they go to self-destructive extremes to try to prove their love by buying material things.

  110. With so many people to buy for, it would be nice to have a little extra in the budget now that I know I can afford to pay later.

  111. This would be so awesome because it can be used year round for emergencies, and goodness knows those do happen at the worst times and so unexpectedly. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity, love your blog!


  112. Christmas is so hard at my house, money is always limited, i’m disabled and cant buy for my kids like I want to, they are really good about it and understand that mama cant buy the big gifts they want their really cook kids, this would help me with Christmas so much

  113. I learned you have the Ability to pay down the balance on the Emerald Advance with a portion of your tax refund, if you so choose.

  114. The Emerald Advance is a year-round line of credit that provides the ability to repeatedly borrow and repay up to $1000126, depending on bank approval. Use it year-round for emergencies, car repairs, bills and other credit needs. Only borrow and repay the specific amount you need.

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