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When we bought our house, one of the items on our must-have list was an extra space that could be utilized solely for the kids’ toys. Knowing that there would often be instances of things having not been put away properly, I wanted to at least make sure that any potential messes would not interfere with their bedrooms. However, while the latter now remains spotless on a consistent basis, the toy space has since become better known as the “messy room.” Over time, I’ve learned how to better help them develop and perfect their own organizing skills and, thankfully, we’ve been able to take control of the clutter together. Of course, doing so has meant having to make use of some new techniques and even some storage supplies.

With so many storage solutions available for purchase, finding items that suit your needs can really be quite the task. When it comes to finding these items for children’s rooms, the search narrows and only becomes more difficult. Not only do you need an item that meets your storage needs but, with kids, you need one that is sturdy, safe, and, more importantly, something that has its own element of fun. After all, most kids don’t necessarily have the same décor taste as us adults. Thankfully, soon after welcoming our little ones into the world, I stumbled across a particular furniture brand whose product line was geared entirely toward children.

Please allow me to introduce you to Delta Children.

Delta Children Logo

Inspired by the new wonders that coincide with the journey that is parenthood, Delta Children was founded back in 1968. What was once a small retail store soon became the world’s leading crib manufacturer and the company has only continued to blossom from there. With the vision to “offer stylish children’s products backed by quality and safety, at prices every family can afford” still held as the company’s core value and mission, it’s no wonder why Delta Children has quickly become one of the biggest names in the industry.

Delivering to the largest retailers and trusted by millions of families worldwide, Delta Children has formed a number of great relationships with today’s most prestigious brands. Along with our own collection of nursery furniture, kids’ furniture, and baby gear, we are a proud owner of Simmons Kids as well as licensor of Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel, DreamWorks, Sanrio, Lucasfilm, Sesame Street, Simmons Kids, Serta, and Jeep products.

Years ago, we purchased a Lightning McQueen chair from Delta Children and it was, by far, our son’s most favorite gift and prized possession for quite some time. Of course, as time passed and the kids developed new interests, they were thrilled to see that many of their new favorite cartoon pals and movie characters were being immortalized on even more Delta Children products. With everything from cribs and toddler beds to furniture and storage gear, the brand really does have a little bit of everything.

Recently, with perfect timing for spring cleaning, we had the opportunity to try out one of the brand’s newest products: the PAW Patrol Multi-Bin Toy Organizer.

Delta Children PAW Patrol Multi-Bin Organizer

It is no secret that the Nick Jr. show, PAW Patrol, has taken over the living rooms of many family homes since it first aired a couple of years ago. Of course, with its popularity came a slew of toys and products plastered with the faces of the adorable cast of pups. Now while the toys are always a fun option where little ones are concerned, from a parent’s perspective, any item that can encourage a child to clean and stay organized, well, that’s the true “must-have” item of the year. Of course, that is where the Delta Children PAW Patrol Multi Bin Toy Organizer comes in.

Your kid’s favorite crime-fighting canines come to life on this PAW Patrol Multi-Bin Toy Organizer from Delta Children! Featuring six uniquely sized fabric bins supported by a sturdy wood frame, it’s finished with colorful illustrations of Chase, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma, and Marshall.

As adorable as it is, I am often weary of build-it-yourself products for fear of them being cheaply designed. However, when you’re dealing with the Delta Children brand, you can be sure that the quality is superior. Having been able to grasp the pieces individually, truly feel the quality of the wood and materials, and ensure that all pieces were installed and secured, I am confident in not only the product’s ability to safely secure the kids’ toys but I’m certain that it’ll withstand even the craziest of little boy play.

Delta Children PAW Patrol Multi-Bin Organizer

The assembly of the PAW Patrol Multi-Bin Organizer was actually quite simple and, believe it or not, the kids actually helped me throughout the process. As soon as they saw the faces of their favorite canine pals on both the wood and canvas parts, they were beyond anxious to get it all put together. With the rods and wooden slats securely attached to the sideboards, the canvas bins were easily set into place.

This particular organizer features six canvas bins of three different sizes – three small, two medium, and one large – that make it easier to store a variety of items all in one convenient space.

The assembled organizer stands at just over two-feet tall and is just about 24” wide. With the canvas bins having a depth of just less than 12,” there is plenty of space to store an abundance of toys, craft supplies, stuffed animals, and so much more.

Delta Children PAW Patrol Multi-Bin Organizer

We are thrilled to have been able to add this beautiful piece to the play room here in our home and I absolutely love the fact that it helps to encourage the organizational spirit within my boys. They enjoy the presence of their PAW Patrol pals while Mommy and Daddy enjoy the newfound cleanliness of their toy space. It’s a win-win!

As if this story could get any better, Delta Children actually has an entire PAW Patrol collection that coincides with this fabulous organizer. With everything from bookshelves and beds to tables and easels, you can easily create an amazing space.

Delta Children PAW Patrol Room Example (650x464)

Of course, if you’re looking for a way to organize your own space, just ask Delta Children. After all, every PAW Patrol fan knows that you just need to “yelp for help” and the PAW Patrol Multi-Bin Organizer can surely do just that.

You can purchase the Delta Children PAW Patrol Multi-Bin Organizer featured here from numerous children’s product retailers both online and in-stores nationwide. This particular organizer currently retails for $29.99.

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    That organizer is adorable!! I love that it’s sturdy, holds so much and is a great price! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I like the room! The toy organizer looks very functional. I like the removable bins, easy to put toys away.

  4. I love these organizers – they are really a good tool (in addition to being a great accent piece in a room) for teaching children to put their toys away.

  5. (Get Organized with Help from Delta Children and PAW Patrol) This toy organizer is so neat looking, I know my grandson could use one of these in his toy room.

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